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Orange County is your home and ours: the community where we have all invested in our family, friends, and future. The Citizens Foundation is your voice in creating the environment that improves the lives of Orange County residents.

We coordinate 16 engaged committees and our Board and staff serve as community volunteers to learn more about the needs of residents. Over 450 individuals and businesses invest in Citizens Foundation membership and thousands of people attend our workshops, seminars, exhibits and events each year.

Established in 1971, the Citizens Foundation is a private, non-profit corporation. It is non-partisan and non-political. A 28-member Board of Trustees, representing various areas of the county and diverse interests, governs the organization.

The Citizen Foundation’s intrinsic value lies in our flexibility: We are what you need us to be. We take on challenges or explore opportunities outside the scope of existing agencies. We believe in providing quality research data and bringing in outside expertise to stimulate innovative thinking and planning among citizens, community officials, and business leaders.

The Citizens Foundation is currently concentrating on these key initiatives:

  • Improving transportation systems and planning within and around Orange County
  • Creating communities where people want to live and work
  • Preserving open space through conservation, land use planning and agricultural usage
  • Engaging community leaders through leadership development
  • Enriching local heritage and experiences with cultural affairs programming
  • Offering diverse platforms for people to meet, discuss, and learn
  • Publishing the 2011 Orange County Quality of Life Report Card objectively evaluating quality of life here.

We take action on your ideas. The Citizens Foundation enjoys a 100% success rate with our projects and initiatives. We’ve collaborated to create:

In 1991, Arlette Seligmann, widow of Surrealist artist Kurt Seligmann, bequeathed her estate to the Citizens Foundation. The estate included the Seligmann’s 55-acre farm in the hamlet of Sugar Loaf, with a house and barn, and a small trust to rehabilitate and operate the facility. After considerable renovation, the Citizens Foundation moved its offices to the Seligmann Homestead in 2002. Please visit Our Facilities page to learn more.